Split Veins!!!

Split Veins – S/T LP (2016)

Debut 8-song LP from Split Veins, and wow did this rager come out of nowhere. With a lot of the song titles in Spanish, I assumed that this band was maybe another one of the killer bands coming out of Barcelona. Turns out, this band actually features ex-members of Nailbiter and are based out of the UK. That said, Split Veins features a lot of qualities that I love from Spanish punk bands. They bring to mind current bands like Orden Mundial or even Destino Final, playing heavy, intense hardcore that pummels you with barrage of feedback between each song. As per usual with this style, the vocals are totally delayed out, but this doesn’t take away from the intensity of the singer. Even though this band is likely influenced by noisier d-beat style bands, to me, the pace of some songs and the big riffs kind of remind classic heavy 80s street punk like GBH. Don’t sleep on this.

0:00 Burn Inside
2:42 Morte E Vida Na Cidade
4:21 Decanse Em Paz
5:52 Obsessão
7:32 Quem É Você
8:56 Pressure
11:00 Destruição
12:26 Feed Me Your Hate

To grab a physical copy of this LP, go here: http://lavidaesunmus.com/shop/product