Rear Naked Choke en UFC 229

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The rear naked choke is the highest percentage submission in MMA and nogi grappling, however sometimes the submission is not finished as the attacker intends. The goal of the attack is to occlude the carotid arteries to induce unconsciousness, however this only happens if the hold is on the anterior portion of the neck. When the arm is wrapped around the jaw the damage will be much different.
When the arm is placed over the jaw instead of the neck there will be a simultaneous compression and lateral shear force on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The job of the TMJ is mainly for mastication and respiration (eating and breathing), and not designed to endure significant shear forces from blunt trauma. If an opponent does not tap from the submission hold potential jaw injuries include subluxation or dislocation of the mandible on the maxilla. .
In the main event at @ufc 229 @khabib_nurmagomedov used this variation to defeat @thenotoriousmma . As you can see by the picture the champion wraps the jaw and pulls to the right. Compressing the right side TM joint and shearing the left side TM joint.
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El Cucuy!!!

De la página de SOLOMMA

Tony “El Cucuy” Ferguson (24-3)

El peleador de ascendencia mexicana dice estar listo para ganar el título al estilo mexicano.

– Ex campeón interino de las 155 lbs.
– 14 victorias de 15 peleas en 7 años.
– Cinta negra en 10th Planet Jiujitsu.
– 9 bonos de la noche.
– Ha finalizado 75% de sus peleas.

Después de regalarnos la pelea de la noche en UFC 229 sus palabras fueron muy claras.

“Todos le temen al Cucuy, estoy listo para ganar ese título ya sea contra Khabib o Mcgregor, les enseñaré el estilo mexicano”

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